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It is never easy to be a newbie in something. But to be a newbie in a foreign language environment can be even more challenging. On the one hand, you don’t know enough to be confident in your actions; on the other, you don’t want others to see your frustration and hesitation. Then, what to do?

In such situations, a good conversation starter plan will come in handy. That is why BulgarianPod101 prepared this guide on basic Bulgarian conversation starters for a number of different situations like the first day at work, first dating, conversation starters for mingling, and more. It will teach you the best ways to start a conversation in Bulgarian, giving you enough confidence so that your approach to people is correct and appropriate for the local cultural specifics.

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  1. Conversation Starters for Mingling and Socializing
  2. Conversation Starters for the First Day at a New Job
  3. Conversation Starters for a First Date
  4. Conversation Starters for Travelling
  5. Conversation Starters to Reconnect with a Friend through Text or Email
  6. How BulgarianPod101 Can Help You Learn Bulgarian

1. Conversation Starters for Mingling and Socializing

If you are the kind of person who likes parties and other social events but doesn’t feel confident enough to be a Bulgarian speaker or even to socialize with others, especially in the Bulgarian language, these Bulgarian conversation phrases and sentences will help you a lot.

Below you will find ways to approach other guests by starting a conversation. You will learn what to say so that you can get involved in their discussion with confidence without looking rude. You will understand how to act when it seems like everyone knows everybody but you. Situations like this may seem challenging, but the most common conversation starters in Bulgarian offered here will make you feel more at ease.

Let’s explore these two situations – first, when you would like to start a conversation with a single person and then with a group of people.

A- Starting conversation with a single person

Starting a Conversation with a Single Person
  1. The most common way to socialize with someone is to go and introduce yourself. Here is an example of how to do that:
  • Здрасти, аз съм Джон и съм от Англия. А ти? От тук ли си?
    Zdrasti, az sam Dzhon i sam ot Angliya. A ti? Ot tuk li si?
    Hi, I’m John and I’m from England. And you? Are you from here?
    ➜ BulgarianPod101 has prepared this lesson about introducing yourself in Bulgarian, where you can find some helpful dialog examples appropriate for a party.
  1. If you would like to be more original than that, you might use some of these basic Bulgarian conversation starters:
  • Здрасти, откъде познаваш домакина?
    Zdrasti, otkade poznavash domakina?
    Hi, how do you know the host?
  • Днес е особено горещо навън. Проверих в интернет, че ще стане 37 градуса.
    Dnes e osobeno goreshto navan. Proverih v internet, che shte stane 37 gradusa.
    It’s especially hot outside today. I checked on the internet that it will be 37 degrees.
  • Здравей, познаваш ли някой друг тук?
    Zdravey, poznavash li nyakoy drug tuk?
    Hi, do you know anyone else here?
  1. You can also comment based on the situation. Here are some ideas:
  • Здрасти, тениската ти изглежда много оригинална. Откъде си я купи? 
    Zdrasti, teniskata ti izglezhda mnogo originalna. Otkade si ya kupi?
    Hi, your T-shirt looks very original. Where did you buy it?
  • Здрасти, какво е това в чинията ти? Изглежда много вкусно.
    Zdrasti, kakvo e tova v chiniyata ti? Izglezhda mnogo vkusno.
    Hi, what’s this on your plate? It looks very delicious.
  • Днес има много посетители на партито. Познаваш ли някои от тях?
    Dnes ima mnogo posetiteli na partito. Poznavash li nyakoi ot tyah?
    Today, there are many visitors to the party. Do you know any of them?
  • Можеш ли да ми подадеш онова питие?
    Mozhesh li da mi podadesh onova pitie?
    Can you pass me that drink?
  • Имаш ли нещо против да ми запазиш стола за секунда? Сега се връщам.
    Imash li neshto protiv da mi zapazish stola za sekunda? Sega se vrashtam.
    Would you mind guarding my chair for me for a second? I’ll be right back.

B- Starting conversations with groups

Starting a Conversation with a Group
  1. You can start your conversation with a group again with an introduction.
  • Здравейте, аз съм Джон, приятел на домакина от университета. А вие откъде го познавате?
    Zdraveyte, az sam Dzhon, priyatel na domakina ot universiteta. A vie otkade go poznavate?
    Hi, I’m John, a host’s friend from university. And how do you know him?
  • Здравейте, аз съм Джон, приятел на Иван. За какво си приказвахте току-що?
    Zdraveyte, az sam Dzhon, priyatel na Ivan. Za kakvo si prikazvahte toku-shto?
    Hi, I’m John, Ivan’s friend. What were you just talking about?
  • Здравейте, аз съм Джон, какво ще кажете за футболния мач вчера?
    Zdraveyte, az sam Dzhon, kakvo shte kazhete za futbolniya mach vchera?
    Hi, I’m John, what do you think about yesterday’s football match?
  1. You may approach a group with some kind of offer, like:
  • Какво ще кажете да една игра на карти?
    Kakvo shte kazhete za edna igra na karti?
    What do you think about a card game?
  1. If you are a listener, you can socialize by making a point at the right moment, saying:
  • И на мен ми се случи същото преди известно време.
    I na men mi se sluchi sashtoto predi izvestno vreme.
    The same thing happened to me some time ago.
  • И аз съм преживявал/а нещо подобно.
    I az sam prezhivyaval/a neshto podobno.
    I have experienced something similar.

Note: преживял (prezhivyaval) is a male form, преживяла (prezhivyavala) is a female form.

  • И аз мисля така.
    I az mislya taka.
    I think so too.

2. Conversation Starters for the First Day at a New Job 

Many people feel nervous about their first day at a new job. They lack confidence wondering whether they are skilled enough to cope with the new job responsibilities, whether their colleagues will accept them in their team, and will they be helpful and patient enough with them. There are certain phrases that can help in adaptation to the new work environment that you will need on the first working day. We present here Bulgarian conversation starter phrases at a new job for introducing yourself to a colleague and to a whole group.

    ➜ You might be interested in this Bulgarian lesson on a job interview in the form of a dialogue.

A- Introducing yourself to a colleague

Introducing Yourself to a Colleague

Prepare some greetings that will help you feel more confident in your new working environment. You can start with a brief introduction of yourself and continue with a phrase that shows your goodwill and your joy that you will work with your new colleague. Here are some examples:

  • Здравейте, аз съм Антония. 
    Zdraveyte, az sam Antonia.
    Hello, I’m Antonia.

You can replace Антония with your name.

  • Аз съм от Англия, където работих като мениджър. 
    Az sam ot Angliya, kadeto rabotih kato menidzhar.
    I am from England, where I worked as a manager.

You can replace Англия with your country and мениджър with your previous job position.

  • Радвам се, че ще работим заедно.
    Radvam se, che shte rabotim zaedno.
    I am happy that we will work together.

You can shorten the distance by asking:

  • Имаш ли нещо против да минем на “ти”?
    Imash li neshto protiv da minem na “ti”?
    Do you mind if we switch to the informal “you”?

You can eventually ask for some assistance in the beginning.

  • Може ли да ме разведеш из офисите?
    Mozhe li da me razvedesh iz ofisite?
    Can you take me around the offices?
  • Можеш ли да ме запознаеш с останалите колеги?
    Mozhesh li da me zapoznaesh s ostanalite kolegi?
    Can you introduce me to the other colleagues?
  • Можеш ли да ми покажеш в какво ще се състои моята работа?
    Mozhesh li da mi pokazhesh v kakvo shte se sastoi moyata rabota?
    Can you show me what my job will be?
  • Можеш ли да ми покажеш къде ще бъде моето работно място?
    Mozhesh li da mi pokazhesh kade shte bade moeto rabotno myasto?
    Can you show me where my workplace will be?

B- Introducing yourself to a group

Introducing Yourself to a Group

Since the probability that you will have to introduce yourself to a group on your first day at work is quite big, you need to prepare some group introductions in advance, too.

  • Здравейте, аз съм Иван и съм новият мениджър по продажбите. 
    Zdraveyte, az sam Ivan i sam noviyat menidzhar po prodazhbite.
    Hello, I’m Ivan and I’m the new sales manager.
  • Ще се радвам да се запозная с всички и да работим заедно.
    Shte se radvam da se zapoznaya s vsichki i da rabotim zaedno.
    I will be happy to meet everyone and work together.
  • С какво мога да съм ви полезен/полезна днес?
    S kakvo moga da sam vi polezen/polezna dnes?
    How can I be useful to you today?

Note: полезен (polezen) is a male form, полезна (polezna) is a female form.

  • По какъв проект работите днес?
    Po kakav proekt rabotite dnes?
    What project are you working on today?
  • Може ли да ми обясните особеностите на настоящите проекти, по които работите?
    Mozhe li da mi obyasnite osobenostite na nastoyashtite proekti, po koito rabotite?
    Can you explain to me the details of the current projects you are working on?

3. Conversation Starters for a First Date

Conversation Starters for a First Date

Since the first impression is very important, these useful Bulgarian conversation starter words and phrases will help you start an intriguing conversation during your first date. Here are some great ideas for you to use:

  • Ако точно сега можеше да се качиш на самолет, за къде би пътувал/а?
    Ako tochno sega mozheshe da se kachish na samolet, za kade bi patuval/a?
    If you could get on a plane right now, where would you travel?
  • Защо ти харесва животът тук?
    Zashto ti haresva zhivotat tuk?
    Why do you like living here?
  • Кое нещо от детството ти липсва най-много днес?
    Koe neshto ot detstvoto ti lipsva nay-mnogo dnes?
    What’s one thing from your childhood that you miss the most today?
  • Как прекара деня?
    Kak prekara denya?
    How was your day?
  • Кое е любимото ти ядене?
    Koe e lyubimoto ti yadene?
    What is your favorite food?
  • Кой е любимият ти спорт?
    Koy e lyubimiyat ti sport?
    What is your favorite sport?
    ➜ If you would like to learn more useful sports-related Bulgarian vocabulary, this Bulgarian lesson on playing sports might be interesting.
  • Какви книги обичаш да четеш?
    Kakvi knigi obichash da chetesh?
    What kind of books do you like reading?
  • Какво прави миналия уикенд?
    Kakvo pravi minaliya uikend?
    What did you do last weekend?
  • Кое е любимото ти животно?
    Koe e lyubimoto ti zhivotno?
    What is your favourite animal?
    ➜ This list prepared by BulgarianPod101 will help you learn the Bulgarian names of 21 animals along with their proper pronunciation.
  • От какво се страхуваш най-много?
    Ot kakvo se strahuvash nay-mnogo?
    What are you most afraid of?

4. Conversation Starters for Travelling

Conversation Starters for Travelling

Travelling usually provides many opportunities for new acquaintances and making friends. If you don’t want to miss such an opportunity while you travel in Bulgaria, this Bulgarian conversation starter word list for travelling is what you need.

  • Били ли сте някога в чужбина? Колко време стояхте там?
    Bili li ste nyakoga v chuzhbina? Kolko vreme stoyahte tam?
    Have you ever been abroad? How long did you stay there?
  • Обичате ли да пътувате?
    Obichate li da patuvate?
    Do you like travelling?
  • Кои места в България са най-интересни за туристите?
    Koi mesta v Balgariya sa nay-interesni za turistite?
    Which places in Bulgaria are most interesting for tourists?
  • Кои държави искате да посетите?
    Koi darzhavi iskate da posetite?
    Which countries do you want to visit?
  • Къде прекарвате лятната си ваканция?
    Kade prekarvate lyatnata si vakantsiya?
    Where do you spend your summer vacation?
  • Къде бихте предпочели да пътувате – в горещи страни или в студени?
    Kade bihte predpocheli da patuvate – v goreshti strani ili v studeni?
    Where would you prefer to travel – in hot countries or in cold ones?
  • Пътували ли сте някога извън Европа?
    Patuvali li ste nyakoga izvan Evropa?
    Have you ever traveled outside of Europe?
  • С какво превозно средство обичате да пътувате?
    S kakvo prevozno sredstvo obichate da patuvate?
    What vehicle do you like to travel with?

5. Conversation Starters to Reconnect with a Friend through Text or Email 

If you would like to reconnect with your friends or classmates that you haven’t seen for years, you can use some of the following Bulgarian phrases and sentences in your messages or emails to them.

  • Не съм те виждал/а от цяла вечност.
    Ne sam te vizhdal/a ot tsyala vechnost.
    I haven’t seen you in ages.
  • Колко време отмина, откакто се видяхме за последно?
    Kolko vreme otmina, otkakto se vidyahme za posledno?
    How long has it been since we last saw each other?
  • Видях публикацията ти във Facebook и се сетих, че отдавна не сме се чували.
    Vidyah publikatsiyata ti vav Facebook i se setih, che otdavna ne sme se chuvali.
    I saw your post on Facebook and I found out that we haven’t heard from each other for a long time.
  • Успя ли да започнеш работата, за която мечтаеше?
    Uspya li da zapochnesh rabotata, za koyato mechtaeshe?
    Did you manage to start the job you dreamed of?
  • Скоро минах покрай училището ни и се сетих за теб.
    Skoro minah pokray uchilishteto ni i se setih za teb.
    I recently passed by our school and thought of you.

6. How BulgarianPod101 Can Help You Learn Bulgarian 

This review prepared by BulgarianPod101 helps you not only learn conversation starters in the Bulgarian language easier but also to speak Bulgarian with confidence. It will help you make friends in different situations and give you more confidence. Just try some of these examples in related situations, and you will be surprised with the result.

You might need further help in learning more of the Bulgarian language specifics. In that case, you can choose a native Bulgarian teacher from the MyTeacher section. This expert will help you advance much faster than if you learn the language on your own.

We would be happy to hear your feedback about this review. Did you find these Bulgarian conversation starter examples useful in different situations in your life? What other Bulgarian conversation starter words and meanings would you suggest to be added to this review? Do not hesitate to share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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