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Bulgarian Restaurant Phrases Guide: How to Order Food


A popular François de la Rochefoucauld quote states: “To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.” Well, although this guide is not about the art of preparing food intelligently, it will get you acquainted with the most common restaurant phrases in Bulgarian that will help you order your food and eat “intelligently” while you are in Bulgaria.

BulgarianPod101 will help you gain more confidence when you have to book a table in a Bulgarian restaurant, ask for a menu, order foods and drinks or ask for the bill by helping you learn a lot of travel phrases. It provides you with some useful dialogues as examples that will help you see how to use the basic Bulgarian restaurant phrases in a context.

Thus, apart from tasting the best Bulgarian national dishes, your time eating out in Bulgaria can become a practical exercise that will help you further develop comprehensive Bulgarian speaking skills. This ultimate guide that includes useful Bulgarian restaurant conversation phrases and some great Bulgarian learning tips will take you through all the stages – from entering a chosen restaurant to saying goodbye.

Welcome to a Bulgarian Restaurant!
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  1. How to book a table in a restaurant?
  2. What to say when you enter a restaurant?
  3. It’s time to order
  4. It’s time to pay the bill
  5. For people with special nutritional considerations
  6. What types of restaurants can you find in Bulgaria?
  7. How BulgarianPod101 Can Help You Learn Bulgarian?

1. How to book a table in a restaurant?

Let’s start first with the right way to book a table in a Bulgarian restaurant. We will provide you with a list of Bulgarian restaurant phrases for booking a table and then a dialogue example that shows exactly how to use these phrases during a real phone conversation.

A- List of Bulgarian Restaurant Phrases

Keep in mind that many of these suggested phrases are models. We provide different choices for each model for you to choose from based on your specific situation.

Bulgarian Restaurant PhrasesPronunciationEnglish translation
Маса за … (двама, трима, четирима), моля!Masa za … (dvama, trima, chetirima), molya!Table for … (two, three, four), please! 
Мога ли да резервирам маса за …. (понеделник/вторник/сряда/ четвъртък/петък/събота/неделя) вечерта?Moga li da rezerviram masa za …. (ponedelnik/vtornik/sryada/ chetvartak/petak/sabota/nedelya) vecherta?Can I book a table for …. (Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday / Saturday / Sunday) evening? 
Имате ли свободна маса… (в залата за непушачи/на терасата/до прозореца)?Imate li svobodna masa… (v zalata za nepushachi/na terasata/do prozoretsa)?Do you have a free table… (in the non-smoking area/on the balcony/by the window)? 
Имате ли свободна маса за… (6 / 7/ 8/ 9) часа вечерта днес?Imate li svobodna masa za … (shest/sedem/osem/devet) chasa vecherta dnes? Do you have a free table for (6 / 7/ 8/ 9) pm tonight? 
Искам да резервирам маса за вторник от 5 часа вечерта.Iskam da rezerviram masa za vtornik ot 5 chasa vecherta.I want to book a table for Tuesday at 5 p.m. 
Необходимо ли е предварително заплащане за резервацията?Neobhodimo li e predvaritelno zaplashtane za rezervatsiyata?Is paying in advance required for the reservation?
Моля, потвърдете резервацията ми за маса в ресторанта.Molya, potvardete rezervatsiyata mi za masa v restoranta.Please confirm my table reservation at the restaurant.

    ➜ You can take a look at the guide on telling time in Bulgarian if you are not sure how to say the exact time in Bulgarian for which you need to book a table in a restaurant.

How to Book a Table in a Bulgarian Restaurant!

B- Dialogue Example

  • Здравейте, мога ли да запазя маса за двама?
    Zdraveiyte, moga li da zapazya masa za dvama?
    Hello, can I reserve a table for two?
  • Разбира се, за кога ви трябва?
    Razbira se, za koga vi tryabva?
    Of course, when do you need it?
  • За вторник от 7 часа вечерта.
    Za vtornik ot sedem chasa vecherta.
    On Tuesday at 7 p.m.
  • Къде предпочитате да е разположена – вътре или на терасата?
    Kade predpochitate da e razpolozhena – vatre ili na terasata?
    Where would you prefer it to be – indoors or on the balcony?
  • Предпочитам вътрешна маса, до прозореца!
    Predpochitam vatreshna masa, do prozoretsa!
    I prefer an indoor table by the window!
  • Масата Ви е резервирана!
    Masata Vi e rezervirana!
    Your table is booked!
  • Много благодаря!
    Mnogo blagodarya!
    Thank you very much!

2. What to say when you enter a restaurant?

Let’s assume that you have booked your table in a restaurant and you enter the chosen Bulgarian restaurant at the appointed time. What can you say in that case?

A- List of Bulgarian Restaurant Phrases

Bulgarian Restaurant PhrasesPronunciationEnglish translation
Имам резервирана маса за 7 часа.Imam rezervirana masa za sedem chasa!I booked a table for 7 pm.
Казвам се Джон Смит.Kazvam se Dzhon Smit.My name is John Smith.
Благодаря!BlagodaryaThank you!

Now let’s see how these phrases are used in a conversation.

B- Dialogue Example

  • Здравейте, имам резервирана маса за 7 часа.
    Zdraveiyte, Imam rezervirana masa za sedem chasa.
    Hello, I booked a table for 7 pm.
  • Здравейте, Вашето име, моля?
    Zdraveiyte, Vasheto ime, molya?
    Hello, your name, please?
  • Джон Смит. 
    Dzhon Smit.
    John Smith.
  • Г-н Смит, Вашата маса е ето там. Заповядайте!
    Gospodin Smit, Vashata masa e eto tam. Zapovyadayte!
    Mr. Smith, your table is over there. Come on in!
  • Благодаря!

Your Table Is Over There.

    ➜ This lesson prepared by BulgarianPod101 will help you answer the first question you are asked at a restaurant.

3. It’s time to order

When you have taken a seat at your booked table, it is time to order. How to do that the correct way? Let’s start with the very first phrases.

A- How to start?

Bulgarian Restaurant PhrasesPronunciationEnglish translation
Може ли менюто, ако обичате?Mozhe li menyuto, ako obichate?Can I have the menu, please?
Мога ли да получа менюто?Moga li da polucha menyuto?Can I have the menu? 
Менюто, ако обичате!Menyuto, ako obichate!The menu, please!

Now let’s see how these phrases are used in a conversation.

B- Dialogue Example

  • Може ли менюто, ако обичате?
    Mozhe li menyuto, ako obichate?
    Can I have the menu, please?
  • Разбира се! Ето, заповядайте! След малко ще се върна за поръчката.
    Razbira se! Eto, zapovyadayte! Sled malko shte se varna za porachkata.
    Of course! Here you are! I’ll be back for the order in a moment.

Can I Have the Menu, Please?

    ➜ You can find even more useful Bulgarian phrases on how to place an order in a restaurant in this lesson.

C- How to order drinks?

 Let’s start with a list of drinks in Bulgarian that you can use when you order drinks:

Bulgarian Restaurant PhrasesPronunciationEnglish translation
бираbira beer
виноvino wine
безалкохолна напиткаbezalkoholna napitka soft-drink
минерална водаmineralna vodamineral water
сокsok juice
уискиuiski whiskey

    ➜ Learn about Bulgarian beverages in the following lesson.

D- Dialogue Example

  • Желаете ли нещо за пиене?
    Zhelaete li neshto za piene?
    Would you like something to drink?
  • Да, за мен портокалов сок, ако обичате, а за жена ми – един айрян.
    Da, za men portokalov sok, ako obichate, a za zhena mi – edin ayryan.
    Yes, for me, orange juice, please, and for my wife – ayran.

E- How to order food?

Here is a list of basic Bulgarian restaurant words and phrases that you can use to order food in a restaurant.

Bulgarian Restaurant PhrasesPronunciationEnglish translation
специалитетът на заведениетоspetsialitetat na zavedenieto the specialty of the restaurant
първоparvo first course
второvtoro second course 
десертdesert dessert 
супаsupa soup 
искам да поръчамiskam da porachamI’d like to order 

It’s Time to Order Food

    ➜ You are not sure how to order your favorite Bulgarian dish? Then, take a look at this lesson prepared by BulgarianPod101.

F- Dialogue Example

  • Избрахте ли си нещо за ядене?
    Izbrahte li si neshto za yadene?
    Did you choose something to eat?
  • Да, за първо супа топчета за двама, ако обичате.
    Da, za parvo supa topcheta za dvama, ako obichate.
    Yes, for the first course a meatball soup for two, please.
  • Добре, прието. За второ?
    Dobre, prieto. Za vtoro?
    Okay, I am writing it down. For the second course?
  • Може ли да ми препоръчате нещо?
    Mozhe li da mi preporachate neshto?
    Can you recommend something to me?
  • Мога да Ви препоръчам специалитета на заведението – гювече на фурна.
    Moga da Vi preporacham spetsialiteta na zavedenieto – gyuveche na furna.
    I can recommend the specialty of the restaurant – casserole in the oven.
  • Чудесно, нека за второ бъде гювече на фурна за двама.
    Chudesno, neka za vtoro bade gyuveche na furna za dvama.
    Great, let the second course be a casserole in the oven for two.
  • Искате ли нещо за десерт?
    Iskate li neshto za desert?
    Would you like something for dessert?
  • Да, две парчета бисквитена торта.
    Da, dve parcheta biskvitena torta.
    Yes, two pieces of biscuit cake.
  • Желаете ли още нещо?
    Zhelaete li oshte neshto?
    Would you like something else?
  • Не, това е всичко. Благодаря.
    Ne, tova e vsichko. Blagodarya.
    No, that’s all. Thanks.
  • И аз благодаря. Поръчката Ви е приета.
    I az blagodarya. Porachkata Vi e prieta.
    Thank you, too. Your order has been placed.

4. It’s time to pay the bill

Here is a list of useful Bulgarian restaurant phrases that you can use to pay your bill in a restaurant.

A- List of Bulgarian Restaurant Phrases

Bulgarian Restaurant PhrasesPronunciationEnglish translation
Сметката, моля.Smetkata, molya.The bill, please.
Приемате ли плащане с карта?Priemate li plashtane s karta?Do you accept paying by card?
Предпочитам да платя в брой.Predpochitam da platya v broy.I prefer to pay in cash.
Можем ли да платим отделно?Mozhem li da platim otdelno?Can we pay separately?
Запазете рестото.Zapazete restoto.Keep the change.

B- Dialogue Example

  • Сметката, моля.
    Smetkata, molya.
    The bill, please.
  • Заповядайте. Как предпочитате да платите – с карта или в брой?
    Zapovyadayte. Kak predpochitate da platite – s karta ili v broy?
    Here you are. How do you prefer to pay – by card or in cash?
  • В брой. Запазете рестото.
    V broy. Zapazete restoto.
    In cash. Keep the change.
  • Благодаря. Приятен ден!
    Blagodarya. Priyaten den!
    Thanks. Have a nice day!
  • И аз благодаря за обслужването. Лека работа!
    I az blagodarya za obsluzhvaneto. Leka rabota!
    Thank you, too, for your service. Have a nice shift!

5. For people with special nutritional considerations

Some people might have some health conditions like allergies or specific food intolerance that require special nutritional considerations. Here are some useful phrases that will help you make your order in cases like that.

Bulgarian Restaurant PhrasesPronunciationEnglish translation
Имате ли вегетарианско/веганско меню?Imate li vegetariansko/vegansko menyu?Do you have a vegetarian/vegan menu?
Имате ли безмесни ястия?Imate li bezmesni yastiya?Do you have meat-free dishes?
Имам алергия към ядките. Може ли да ми препоръчате нещо без никакви ядки?Imam alergiya kam yadkite. Mozhe li da mi preporachate neshto bez nikakvi yadki?I have an allergy to nuts. Can you recommend something without any nuts?
Имам непоносимост към лактозата. Имате ли нещо, в което няма млечни?Imam neponosimost kam laktozata. Imate li neshto, v koeto nyama mlechni?I have lactose intolerance. Do you have something in which there is no dairy?
Имате ли салати без сирене?Imate li salati bez sirene?Do you have salads without cheese?
Мога ли да помоля в моята пица да не слагате домати?Moga li da pomolya v moyata pitsa da ne slagate domati?Can I ask you not to put tomatoes on my pizza?

6. What types of restaurants can you find in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria offers different restaurant types that you might consider. Let’s take a look at the most popular ones, so you can choose where to go out for dinner during your stay in Bulgaria. 

Classic restaurants – These restaurants are the most widespread and offer a wide range of high-quality cuisine, confectionery, desserts, fruits, specialties, dishes, pasta, and soft and alcoholic beverages. These restaurants create a great dining environment and are often used for weddings, anniversaries, and other special events to where many guests are invited.

Specialized restaurants – There are many fish restaurants, as well as grill restaurants that offer a menu with the main ingredient respectively, fish and grilled meat.

Bulgarian national cuisine restaurants – These restaurants are a great place to get acquainted with the unique Bulgarian dishes.

Moussaka Is a Very Popular Bulgarian Dish You Must Try while in Bulgaria

Restaurants with foreign cuisine – European, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, etc. These types of restaurants offer dishes that are typical for the corresponding foreign national cuisines.

Attraction-themed restaurants – These restaurants feature a specific architectural interior and exterior, such as restaurants on a ship or frigate, and usually, dining is accompanied by a special musical program.

7. How BulgarianPod101 Can Help You Learn Bulgarian?

The restaurant phrases in Bulgarian included in this ultimate Bulgarian travel guide will help you book a table in a restaurant on your own, as well as order food and beverages and have a more fulfilling dining experience. It will help you also combine pleasure and business – practice all those most common restaurant phrases in Bulgarian and at the same time have a wonderful dinner.

BulgarianPod101 has prepared this guide to help you learn Bulgarian restaurant phrases, or so you can refer to them whenever you need them.

Of course, if you don’t feel like this information is enough to meet your language needs, you can find a native Bulgarian teacher from the MyTeacher section. This language expert will get you acquainted with grammar rules and with new Bulgarian vocabulary that you will need on a daily basis in real-life situations and will accelerate your Bulgarian language learning.

We would be happy to hear your feedback about this review. Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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