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Celebrating Revival Leaders’ Day in Bulgaria

There is a special holiday in Bulgaria dedicated to the national revival leaders. These leaders of the Bulgarian people are bookmen and revolutionaries; people who through the different periods of time had helped with the enlightenment of the Bulgarian people.

In this article, you’ll learn about Revival Leaders’ Day (sometimes called National Revival Day) and how Bulgarians celebrate. Further, we’ll provide you with some information on those involved in the Bulgarian national revival.

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1. What is Revival Leaders’ Day?

The Day of the Bulgarian National Revival Leaders is a public holiday, celebrated annually with torchlight processions. The holiday emerged as a way of commemorating the work of people who helped in the national liberation movement of the country. The role of such people in the revival and promotion of the Bulgarian spirit through hard historic events is very important.

Who are the national leaders honored on this day? They include Saint Ivan of Rila, Paìsiy Hilendàrski (Paisius of Hilendar), Vasil Levski, Hristo Botev, Ivan Vazov, and many other people who had contributed to the development of Bulgaria through history. The church holiday on which the Day of Saint Ivan of Rila was commemorated turned into an official holiday under the name Day of the Bulgarian National Revival Leaders.

In 1945, the communist regime in Bulgaria revoked the holiday celebration, because it was in contradiction with the propaganda and censorship imposed at that time. Despite this, it was celebrated unofficially, and in 1992 it became an official holiday again. Since 2002, on this day, the national flag in front of the Presidency is raised and the changing of the sentry takes place, as on other big holidays.

2. When is National Revival Leaders’ Day?

Bulgarian Flag

Each year, Bulgarians celebrate the Bulgarian Revival Leaders’ Day on November 1.

3. Popular Revival Day Traditions & Celebrations

A Special Program

The Day of the Bulgarian National Revival Leaders is a non-attendance day for all schools. Instead, the Bulgarian high school and university students hold parades, while the museums offer free admission.

As mentioned earlier, there are also torchlight processions on this day. Other festivities include masses for the dead and special school programs related to the Bulgarian revival.

4. Two Other Holidays

What else is celebrated on the Day of the Bulgarian National Revival Leaders?

Since 1991, November 1 has also been regarded and celebrated as the Day of Bulgarian Science and the Day of Bulgarian Journalism. On this day, the Union of Bulgarian Journalists gives its annual awards.

5. Essential Revival Leaders’ Day Vocabulary

View of Misty Land from Above

Here’s the most essential vocabulary you should know for Revival Leaders’ Day!

  • Паисий Хилендарски
    Paisii Hilendarski
    Paisius of Hilendar
  • Прекланям се
    Preklanyam se
  • Просветител
  • Възраждам се
    Vazrazhdam se
  • Възрожденски
  • Държавен суверенитет
    Darzhaven suverenitet
    State sovereignty
  • Памет
  • Отменен
  • Свети Иоан Рилски
    Sveti Ioan Rilski
    Saint John of Rila
  • Национално самосъзнание
    Natsionalno samosaznanie
    National identity awareness
  • Наум
    In one’s mind
  • Уважаван
  • Подражавам
  • Празнична програма
    Praznichna programa
    Festive program
  • Панихида
    Mass for the dead
  • Последовател

To hear each of these vocabulary words pronounced, check out our Revival Leaders’ Day vocabulary list! Here, you’ll find each word accompanied by an audio file of its pronunciation, alongside a relevant image.

Final Thoughts

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We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about Revival Leaders’ Day with us, and that you took away some valuable information!

Does your country have a holiday for honoring important historical figures? Let us know in the comments!

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