Lesson Transcript

Are you feeling confident as a beginner-level language learner?
Are you ready to move up to the intermediate level?
Here are some tips to help you make that leap and advance your language learning progress.
Tip Number 1: Determine Your Skill Level
It’s important to look across your skills in the major language competencies: Listening, speaking, writing, and reading. By taking our level assessment test, you can review your skills in each competency and see your strengths and weaknesses. Keep in mind it's normal to be better in some skills than others.
Premium PLUS users can take our level assessment test and get personalized recommendations and learning pathways based on your results. Once you’ve figured out which skills need work, it’s time to take action.
No matter which of your language skills need to be improved, make sure you choose a method that’s both effective and fun to help maintain your regular learning routine.
Tip Number 2: Listening
The most effective way to build your listening comprehension is by building a strong vocabulary. The more vocab you master, the easier it will be to understand the context and details of the conversation.
Songs in the target language are a key listening tool that will teach you common, everyday vocabulary. By learning and memorizing the lyrics, you are building up your vocabulary.
If you really want your listening skills to take off, listen to our podcasts. We have hundreds of hours of audio lessons for you to listen to. Before you know it, you’ll be able to understand shows and movies!
Tip Number 3: Speaking
Add speaking elements to your language routine. Try “shadowing” podcasts, repeating along while you listen.
Match the native speaker's pronunciation and intonation. This is a fantastic way to improve your fluency and accuracy. You can also find a partner for conversation exchange. A partner can help correct your mistakes and teach you more natural ways to phrase your ideas.
Tip Number 4: Writing
An easy way to start writing more often is by keeping a one-sentence journal. Write one sentence in a journal every day. It does not take a lot of time, and is a great habit for beginners to build a routine.
You have to be consistent to make improvements! Ask native speakers to correct your writing to improve even faster! You can submit sentences and phrases to your teacher using Premium PLUS.
Tip Number 5: Reading
Reading is a skill you can improve by yourself.
There's no need to rush. It doesn’t matter if you read 1 or 100 pages at a time. What matters is that you understand what you read.
Write down new words as you read them to practice later. If there is an audio version, read along with the narrator. It will help you read at a slightly faster speed than normal. You can use the audio that comes with each of our lessons.
Bonus Tip: Never Give Up
Where do your language skills currently stand? Where do you want them to be? How do you get there?
Whatever your goal is, make it clear and part of your life. You’ll reach it if you stay focused and positive.
And if you really want your skills to take off, make use of our tools and resources.
They are designed to help you get to the next level in the fastest, easiest and most fun way! Just click the link in the description to sign up for a FREE lifetime account.
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I'll see you there. Bye~!