Meet the Team

Team Members

Iva Georgieva Iva Georgieva Iva Georgieva was born in a small town near the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. She started studying Japanese at home and in 2008 came to Japan. Now Iva is a PhD student at The University of Tokyo. Like many other foreign students, she has spent a few years living in a dormitory with friends from many countries and cultures. This is why she loves communicating with people from different countries and working at her language learning jobs in Tokyo.
Petar Tasev Petar TasevPetar is from Bulgaria’s capital Sofia, and has always loved the way languages sound. His childhood passion for cartoons, comics, games, and animation led him to becoming a freelance illustrator. He’s also an avid and experienced Bulgarian folk dancer. After getting his BA in Japanese studies in Sofia, he took an interest in cultural anthropology, and worked as a designer in an ad agency. He had to drop this, as well as his choreography major, to come to Tokyo and pursue the scholarship he won for a study program in Hitotsubashi University. Naturally, his attention turned to dynamic contemporary digital content and he then got his master’s from the Graduate School of the Digital Hollywood University.
Tzvetelina (Tina) Gavrilova Tzvetelina (Tina) GavrilovaTina Gavrilova is a graduate student at Keio Media Design. She was born and raised in Bulgaria. She’s currently living in Japan and refers to her stay in Japan as her “Big Japan Adventure.” She often facilitates intercultural training sessions, participated in the shooting of a promotional video for Yokohama city, and is addicted to Japanese sweets.
Tanya Simeonova Tanya SimeonovaTanya Simeonova is from Northern Bulgaria. She has a great passion for learning new languages, which include Japanese. She started learning the Japanese language out of curiosity and a love for adventure. She first came to Japan in 2009 as an exchange student and made many international friends. Now she lives and works in Tokyo. She loves traveling in the country whenever there is time, and also cycling.
Viktoria Hristova Viktoria Hristova Viktoria was born in Bulgaria. She studied Hungarian at Sofia University where she also did her Master’s Degree in Editing and Translation. She also studied in Budapest for a year and a half with people from around the world. She has 12 years of experience as an ESL teacher of children and adults and a freelance translator. She loves working with both people and texts. Her passions are learning foreign languages, traveling, reading, walking in nature, and cats.
Daria Trifonova Daria Trifonova Darias speaks the English you hear in these episodes because of three main experiences: English Language High-school, American University in Bulgaria, and many summers spent in Cape Cod, USA. For years, she had been working as a morning radio voice of one of the oldest cities in Europe – her Bulgarian hometown Plovdiv. Taking a break from broadcasting, Daria started teaching kids English using the mother-tongue approach of Helen Doron. She also learned Spanish while backpacking by herself in South America for six months. A huge fan of spontaneous adventures, backgammon, and ukulele, Daria is giving her best to entertain you while you learn Bulgarian with
Teodora Atanasova Teodora Atanasova Teodora Atanasova was born in the city of Varna, known as the sea capital of Bulgaria. She has earned her master’s degree in Russian philology and, being the mother of two homeschooled children, has started working as a home-based writer, translator, and private Bulgarian teacher. She is passionate about different methods for effective language learning and currently working on improving her Ukrainian, Turkish, and Spanish language skills.