Lesson Transcript

You've decided to study this language, so now what?
Well you want to become fluent fast, right?
Here are the top 5 shortcuts to learning a language!
1. Create a study schedule and set some goals
Many language learners are unorganized
Creating a schedule allows you to free up time to study consistently
Goals give you motivation and something to strive for.
2. Make It Fun!
If you learn how to make your study time enjoyable...
...chances are you'll be more inclined to study!
Watch a TV show with subtitles or listen to some music!
3. Find A Language Partner
This is the best way to improve your conversational skills
It will help you gain fluency even faster and increase confidence when speaking
4. Use Word Lists To Build Up A Solid Vocabulary
This is a great way to build up your fluency, one word at a time
Luckily we have all the word lists you need, with a range of topics, from Food to Love!
Choose whichever topic you want to study and go!
5. Don't be Afraid to Make Mistakes
Nothing helps you improve more than correcting your own errors
You're more likely to remember it the next time around.
Everyone makes mistakes!
Don't be afraid to learn from them!
There's no magical way to learn a language overnight,
but doing all of these will help your learning process.
And remember, if you're interested in getting on the fast-track to fluency
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