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Lesson Transcript

Здрасти, аз съм Ива. Hi everybody! I’m Iva.
Welcome to BulgarianPod101.com’s “Български в три минути”. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Bulgarian.
In the last lesson we learned how to count Bulgarian leva. Did you practice at home?
In this lesson, we're going to learn other useful tips to talk about your schedule – for example, if a friend asks you "What are you doing this weekend?"
Let’s start!
To ask someone you already know or a friend, you say-
Какво ще правиш този уикенд?
[slowly] Какво ще правиш този уикенд?
Let’s break it down.
Какво is "what".
Ще is used to form the future tense.
Правиш is the informal way to say “you are doing”.
Този is a word meaning “this” in masculine, we talked about it in our previous lesson.
And уикенд is of course "weekend".
If you want to ask the same question in a formal way, turn правиш into правите, the formal version. You can use this form either in formal situations or when addressing a group of people.
Какво ще правите този уикенд?
[slowly] Какво ще правите този уикенд?
What if you’re not asking about this weekend?
Asking about a different time period is as easy as replacing този уикенд.
“Tomorrow” is утре. So you can also say Какво ще правиш утре? “What are you doing tomorrow?” Or, you could also put in a weekday, like понеделник, "Monday" or неделя, which is "Sunday".
Какво ще правиш в понеделник?
Какво ще правиш в неделя?
Note that we add a preposition, в, which means “in” or “on” and is used with weekdays.
So now, if someone asks *you* Какво ще правиш утре?, or "What are you doing tomorrow?", how can you answer?
Here's an example - Ще ходя до офиса. "I'm going to the office." Ще ходя means "I'm going to go", до means “to,” and офиса means "the office". Feel free to replace "office" with any other location!
Now it’s time for Iva’s Insights.
The question Какво правиш? can be used to ask someone "What are you doing?" when you are asking for this specific moment.
This is a really common question you can use when you call your friend on the phone, for example. It is the same as when you are asking “How are you doing?”
In this lesson we learned how to talk about your schedule. What if your Bulgarian friends want to ask you first about your country? Next time we are going to learn how to do this, using the verb съм, "to be" when talking about nationalities.
I'll be waiting for you in the next Български в три минути.
До скоро!

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