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Monday at 6:30 pm
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How do you celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas?

Tuesday at 5:43 pm
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Hi Hannah,

You can ask your Bulgarian friends:

Получихте ли писмото ми? / Did he get my letter?

You can also wish them:

Весела Коледа! / Merry Christmas!

Здраве и късмет (ви пожелавам)! (I wish you) Health and good luck! - it is quite ok to skip the words in (...)

You can also wish them:

успех - success, good luck

берекет - prosperity

Kind regards,

Tina, BulgarianPod101.com Team

Sunday at 8:23 pm
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ot Germania sum. How would I wish Bulgarian friends a happy Christmas and good luck and health in Bulgarian?

Also (I'm still quite a beginner with the language and haven't yet learned how to say things in the past tense), how do I ask "Did he get my letter?"

Thanks and merry Christmas to you all! :)