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Lesson Transcript

Becky:Hello and welcome back to BulgarianPod101.com. This is Beginner, season 1, lesson 6 - Finding the Perfect Shoes in Bulgaria. My name is Becky.
Iva: And I'm Iva!
Becky:In this lesson, you'll learn how to ask about the characteristics of something in Bulgarian.
Iva:The conversation takes place in a mall.
Becky:It’s between between Milena and Veronika. They're buying shoes at the mall.
Iva:The speakers are friends, so they are using informal language.
Becky:In this lesson, Milena and her friend Veronika are at the mall shopping for shoes.
Iva:That gives us a good chance to talk a little bit more about fashion in Bulgaria, and to introduce some Bulgarian brands.
Becky:First of all, Bulgarian women are very fashionable and like to look trendy at all times of the year.
Iva:That's right.
Becky:You can see dresses with low necklines and expensive shoes out in the clubs.
Iva:But also, students going to lectures or businesswomen will wear a lot of accessories and makeup as part of their everyday style.
Becky:And men are no less trendy than girls!
Iva:That’s true, but they won't wear suits for work necessarily.
Becky:A more casual and sporty style is typical for them.
Iva:What popular fashion brands are there in Bulgaria?
Becky:There are a lot of fashion brands made in Bulgaria;...
Iva:some of the most famous fashion designers are Evgenia Jivkova, Jana Jekova, Nikolay Bojilov, Petar Petrov, Anna Stankova and Milko Boyarov. Some fashion houses are Akropol, Daniel Fashion, Forest Jeans, Prestige, and Roshavata Garga.
Becky: So look out for those, listeners!
Becky: Let’s take a closer look at the usage of some of the words and phrases from this lesson. What’s first?
Iva:“Какво”. It is a pronoun, which in English can be translated as “what”.
Becky:Actually, this is the neuter form of the pronoun.
Iva:All its forms are “какъв” for the masculine, “каква” for the feminine, “какво” for the neuter, and “какви” for the plural.
Becky:OK. What’s next?
Iva:“Кой” is a pronoun meaning “who”.
Becky:Again, it has different forms in the different genders.
Iva:Here they are - “кой” for the masculine, “коя” for the feminine, “кое” for the neuter, and “кои” for the plural.
Becky:Can you repeat the forms for both words again for our listeners, Iva?
Iva:Of course.
Becky:OK, listen carefully everyone.
Iva:“какъв” for the masculine, “каква” for the feminine, “какво” for the neuter, and “какви” for the plural. And... “кой” for the masculine, “коя” for the feminine, “кое” for the neuter, and “кои” for the plural.
Becky:OK. Last word?
Becky:This is a conjunction that can mean both “and” and “while,” but more often its meaning is “while”.
Iva:For example, it can be used in a sentence like this, “Майка ми става в 6, а баща ми в 7.”
Becky: “My mom gets up at 6, while my dad at 7.” Okay, now onto the grammar.
Becky:In this lesson, you’ll learn how to talk about the characteristics of things, like size, color, or number.
Iva:This can be used when you want to talk about things that need to be chosen to fit, like shoes and clothes, for example.
Becky:In order to do that, you need to ask what size a certain thing is.
Iva:For example, we can say, “Кой размер имате?,” which means “Which size do you have?,”
Becky:And of course, this can be used to ask a shop clerk to guide you through Bulgarian sizes. Let's break down this sentence.
Iva:“Кой” is a pronoun meaning “which” in English. It matches the word for “size” in Bulgarian, namely “размер” which is used for all types of clothing.
Becky:OK, and then...
Iva:Then we add the verb for the occasion, in this case “имате”, in second person plural, since we should talk to the shop clerk in a polite way.
Becky:On the other hand, the clerk may ask,
Iva:“Кой размер носите” or “Кой размер търсите?”.
Becky:This means “Which size do you wear?” or “Which size are you looking for?” Note that again, we're using formal language, so the verbs are in their second person plural form. This kind of phrase can be used for clothes, but for shoes, the clerk can say…
Iva:“Кой номер носите?” or better yet “Кой номер търсите?”
Becky:which again means “Which size do you wear?” or “Which size are you looking for?”.
Iva:The only difference is that in Bulgarian the word that's used more often for shoe size is “номер” instead of “размер”.
Becky:We don't need to stop with sizes here. We can ask about clothing color as well.
Iva:For example, we can say, “Какви цветове имате?,” which means “What colors do you have?”
Becky:Then, the shop clerk can ask, “What color are you looking for?”
Iva:In Bulgarian this will be “Какъв цвят търсите?”. Note that when we talk about size, we use the pronoun for “which” or “who” in Bulgarian, which is “кой”. But when we talk about color, we use the pronoun for “what” in Bulgarian, that is “какъв”.
Becky:Listeners, ever have any Bulgarian language or lesson-related questions?
Iva:Or maybe you have some feedback for us...
Becky:Leave us a comment or ask a question on the lessons page!
Iva:It's super simple. Go to BulgarianPod101.com...
Becky:...click on comments,
Iva:...enter your comment and name,
Becky:...and that's it!
Iva:Commenting is a a great way to practice writing and reading in Bulgarian.
Becky:It helps you learn faster.
Iva:And it helps us get better through your feedback.
Becky:No excuses.
Iva:Go to BulgarianPod101.com, and comment now.


Becky:OK listeners, that’s all for this lesson.
Iva:Remember, you can get more details...
Becky:...In the lesson notes!
Iva:Thanks for listening, and we’ll see you next time. “Чао-чао!”

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