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Lesson Transcript

Yura: Basic Bootcamp, Lesson 1 - Self-introduction. Basic greetings in Bulgarian. Hi everyone. Yura here, and welcome to Basic Boot Camp series lesson one: Self-introduction, Basic greetings in Bulgarian. This is the first in a five-part series that will help you ease your way into Bulgarian.
Iva: Здравей, аз съм Ива. I’m Iva.
Yura: Now, the idea of a boot camp calls to mind sweating and toil. But our boot camp is different.
Iva: Yes, you won’t have to sweat. We promise.
Yura: We’ll go over all the basics that will really help you understand Bulgarian in a fast and easy way.
Iva: And we will have fun doing it.
Yura: Yes, and we won’t blow any whistles at you or scream at you to do 200 push ups, though that might work too. We’ll see how it goes.
Iva: Okay. So, in this lesson, you will learn how to introduce yourself and ask someone their name.
Yura: Now, what could be more basic than this? I promise you will have this conversation no fewer than 200 times in your first month in Bulgaria.
Iva: Or maybe more.
Yura: Okay. Now, this conversation is between two strangers.
Iva: Therefore they are using polite form, but it is not overly formal.
Yura: Let’s listen to the conversation.
Ива: Здравей, аз съм Ива. Как се казваш?
Юра: Здравей, Ива. Аз съм Юра.
Ива: Много ми е приятно.
Юра: На мен също.
Iva: Hello. My name is Iva. What's your name?
Yura: Hello Iva. My name is Yura.
Iva: Nice to meet you.
Yura: Me too.
Yura: So, Iva, what do people in Bulgaria do when they first meet? Like, is there any sort of custom?
Iva: For the first time, it’s enough for men to shake hands and for women to smile while introducing themselves.
Yura: I would say that shaking hands is a must in Bulgaria?
Iva: Yes, but once you become friendlier with Bulgarians, we hug, tap each other on the shoulders and even kiss cheeks.
Yura: Usually women kiss each other on the cheeks, which is not surprising.
Iva: Yeah, I think it’s just typical for this region of Europe.
Yura: Close friends are not afraid to be emotional in Bulgaria.
Iva: But for the first meeting, better stick to the handshakes and smiles.
Yura: And in a business situation?
Iva: Again, a handshake is your best bet.
Yura: Sounds easy to me. Okay. let’s take a closer look into the self-introduction.
Iva: Let’s start with the vocabulary words for this lesson.
Yura: Okay. First we have…
Iva: Здравей
Yura: Hello.
Iva: Здравей, Здравей
Yura: And next?
Iva: аз
Yura: I.
Iva: аз, аз
Yura: And next?
Iva: казвам
Yura: Say.
Iva: казвам, казвам
Yura: Next we have…
Iva: Много ми е приятно.
Yura: Nice to meet you.
Iva: Много ми е приятно. Много ми е приятно.
Yura: And finally?
Iva: на мен също
Yura: Me too.
Iva: на мен също, на мен също
Yura: Okay. So, our first word here is “hello”.
Iva: здравей You just need to learn it as a phrase.
Yura: Yes. It lost its original meaning of “wish you health” a long time ago, but it will work in any situation, formal or informal. Listeners, listen to Iva and repeat.
Iva: здравей, здравей
Yura: Great. In the conversation, we also heard Много ми е приятно
Iva: Yes. Много ми е приятно means something along the lines of “very delighted”.
Yura: Of course, in this situation, the speaker is very delighted to meet the other person. And so, here, it has a sense of the English expression “nice to meet you”. But let’s break down this phrase a bit.
Iva: приятно means “delightful”.
Yura: много means “very much”. So, altogether it is…
Iva: Много ми е приятно
Yura: Listeners, listen and repeat.
Iva: Много ми е приятно. Много ми е приятно.
Yura: Now that you said that naturally, I can’t help but want to respond. на мен също which means “for me too”. Can we break that down? Which ones means “also” or “too”?
Iva: също
Yura: So that means for me is...
Iva: на мен
Yura: And all together?
Iva: на мен също
Yura: Listeners, listen and repeat.
Iva: на мен също, на мен също
Yura: Now, that wasn’t so difficult, was it? Hope everyone isn’t getting too overheated in the boot camp. Maybe it’s time for some push ups.
Iva: I think I could use some. I’m getting a little out of shape. But for now, let’s move on to the grammar section.

Lesson focus

Iva: Now let’s take a look at this lesson’s grammar point.
Yura: What if your companion is, for some reason, hesitant to introduce themselves?
Iva: Well, it’s okay to become a little aggressive in your desire to get to know them.
Yura: Yes. Just go ahead and ask them their names yourself.
Iva: Как се казваш? This is how your question should sound.
Yura: Literally, it means “How are you called?” and it is said in a polite way, let’s break it down.
Iva: Как
Yura: Means “how”. Let’s hear it one time again, slowly.
Iva: Как
Yura: And one time again at natural speed. Listeners, repeat after Eva.
Iva: Как
Yura: Next.
Iva: се
Yura: Means something like “are you”. Let’s hear it slowly please.
Iva: се
Yura: And fast again. Listeners, repeat after Eva.
Iva: се
Yura: Next?
Iva: казваш
Yura: Means “to call” or “to say”. We’ve heard this one before, but let’s hear it slowly one more time.
Iva: казваш
Yura: And one more time at natural speed.
Iva: казваш
Yura: So altogether, the question is …
Iva: Как се казваш?
Yura: Listeners, listen to the phrase and repeat it out loud.
Iva: Как се казваш? Как се казваш?
Yura: Not too hard for our first boot camp lesson, huh?
Iva: No, it isn’t. And using this little bit of Bulgarian can already help you to impress anyone you might meet in Bulgaria.
Yura: That’s right. There is no better way to show your interest and respect for the culture than to try to speak a little bit of the language, even if you know only the basics.
Iva: That’s right. To recap let’s try a short dialogue. Imagine your name is Maria, try to answer the question outlined with the phrase we learnt in this lesson. Как се казваш? Казвам се Мария..
Yura: Great. Now what if someone says to you…
Iva: Много ми е приятно.
Yura: What do you say?
Iva: На мен също.
Yura: Great. Now, what do you say if you want to learn someone's name?
Iva: Как се казваш?
Yura: Here the first step is made.


Iva: Well done.
Yura: That’s it for this lesson.
Iva: Thanks for listening. Чао.
Yura: See you.


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the two expressions can we used alternately when you present yourself. However, you might prefer Казвам се... if you are in front of an audience. The simple Аз съм... is slightly more friendlier in a one to one communication.

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When do you use Kazvam se and when do you use Aз съм?