We make it easy for you to sound like a native!
Absolute Beginner



In this set of 5 lessons, you will learn the very basics about Bulgarian pronunciation. We break down all the sounds to make it easy for you to sound like a native!

PRONUNCIATION Title Topic Function Summary
#1 Basic Bulgarian Consonant Sounds Bulgarian Consonants Learning how to pronounce Bulgarian Consonants. Consonant sounds in Bulgarian and how they are pronounced
#2 Basic Vowels in Bulgarian Bulgarian Vowels Learning about Bulgarian vowels 6 Bulgarian vowel sounds
#3 Five Special Bulgarian Letters Bulgarian Special Letters Learning about special letters 5 letters in Bulgarian that look like English but are pronounced differently
#4 Regional Bulgarian Pronunciation Bulgarian Dialects Learning about dialects in Bulgarian Two major dialects that differ slightly, mostly in vowel pronunciation: Shopski and Varnenski dialects
#5 Five Common Bulgarian Pronunciation Mistakes Common Mistakes Learning to avoid common mistakes in Bulgarian 1. Remember to Trill Your "-R's"!
2. The Bulgarian "L"
3. Voiced and Voiceless Consonants
4. The Stress in Bulgarian
5. Watch Out for Similar Sounding Words!