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Monday at 06:30 PM
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Saturday at 12:22 AM
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Hi Catherine,

you can say:

Имам остра алергия към лешници. / I have severe allergy to hazelnuts.


Получавам астматични пристъпи от лешници. / Hazelnuts cause me asthmatic attacks.

I hope you will have no occasion to use these expressions :)

Have a nice time in Bulgaria.


Team BulgarianPod101.com

Catherine Farges
Saturday at 05:59 PM
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Could you te'll me how to say: I'm allergic to hazelnuts and asthmatic. It could save my trip if not my life! Thanks

BulgarianPod101.com Verified
Monday at 06:43 PM
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thank you for the note. In the Lesson Notes, you can find the word paprika used twice. The second time it is in the sense you describe. On the other hand, along with the ground spice, there are sometimes small dried peppers on the tables, which people might use to flavour their dish - either using the whole piece or grounding the pepper themselves. This is just an additional cultural insight :)

Nevertheless, as the sample sentence might be ambiguous, we will correct it to a more straightforward example.

All the best,


BulgarianPod101.com Team

Saturday at 07:14 PM
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In English, "This pepper is spicy!" The word "paprika" refers to the ground spice made from red peppers.