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Bulgarian Word of the Day - wine (noun)

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вино (vino) wine (noun)

Вино се налива в чашата.
Vino se naliva v chashata.
Wine is being poured into the glass.

Пиеш червено вино с месо и бяло вино с риба.
Piesh cherveno vino s meso i byalo vino s riba.
You drink red wine with meat, and white wine with fish.

чаша вино
chasha vino
glass of wine

две чаши с червено вино и една чаша с бяло вино
dve chashi s cherveno vino i edna chasha s byalo vino
two glasses of red wine and one glass of white wine

червено вино
cherveno vino
red wine

бяло вино
byalo vino
white wine

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